Sunday, May 29, 2011

The scum walks a prior viewer

The scum walks a prior viewer

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anti Spammer so Sucks

As a blogger or blog reader we also read posting/ news/ contents from many blogs. And when we have finished we might be left some comments. As I see on blogspot, most of people make their design to enter chaptha to prove that the commentator is not a spam. But some times it makes us feel boring too. On blogspot I think It is not necessary because I think it is safe. But on other blog example: wordpress, that design is important. If you have wordpress blog you will feel the same as I talk about. People who using blogspot should change their option,it really makes us boring when we enter the chaptha when we want to leave some comments. Especially for a blogwalker, Walk from blog to blog, read and leave comments, if entering chaptha many times-it so sucks, except if the blog is wordpress, that is different.
Or maybe they want to increase page impressions? Perhaps :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Way to Make Money | Bizcovering

The Way to Make Money | Bizcovering

Triond the Publisher

Did you ever hear about Triond? Like pay per post but we don't need to have our own blog. We just submit our contents and then published by Triond. But I think I prefer have my own blog then I submit what I wrote on my blog to them. On Triond we can submit everything we want. And when our contents approved, Triond spread them to several websites like quazen, socyberty, bizcovering, etc.
The price is higher on pay per post, but Triond is very simple. We don't have to wait a schedule or an order to write like pay per post. We can submit our contents everytime we want. Or maybe you just want to copy and paste?! :D If you like it :">

Monday, May 16, 2011

Submit URL

After my first post I've been trying to submit this blog to many search engine and directories this all night. Looking for blogs which have a good records/ page rank and leave for comment in many blogs and spam it. Not everything yet and must be till for days in order to get page rank in the next few months. Lucky me there is submit url software, just using the trial version, not to bad.

In The Beginning

This is my first post. I had a blog before but not in blogger and this time I' m starting to make a blog of my diary, review and experience. I hope what I make here can have achievement to me and everyone. Thank's for coming here and welcome.