Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anti Spammer so Sucks

As a blogger or blog reader we also read posting/ news/ contents from many blogs. And when we have finished we might be left some comments. As I see on blogspot, most of people make their design to enter chaptha to prove that the commentator is not a spam. But some times it makes us feel boring too. On blogspot I think It is not necessary because I think it is safe. But on other blog example: wordpress, that design is important. If you have wordpress blog you will feel the same as I talk about. People who using blogspot should change their option,it really makes us boring when we enter the chaptha when we want to leave some comments. Especially for a blogwalker, Walk from blog to blog, read and leave comments, if entering chaptha many times-it so sucks, except if the blog is wordpress, that is different.
Or maybe they want to increase page impressions? Perhaps :)